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Confluence & f_OCUS @ Counihan Gallery

The City of Moreland commissioned Goding Projects to draw up the Counihan Gallery in 3D to; 

  • Create a VR tour of the f_OCUS exhibition. Click here

  • Prepare a publicly available SketchUp model and documentation pack to assist prospective curators and artists to understand the dimensions and feel of the space. Click here

  • Prepare a VR tour showing the empty space. Click here

This project combined a number of services including photography of the exhibition artwork, a detailed measure up of the artwork sizes, position and verifying the dimensions on the supplied plans. 

Here is their Facebook post launching the virtual tour; 

Counihan Gallery in Brunswick
29 May 2020 at 15:05 

In February this year (after a long wait) the gallery launched its new street front only to be forced into closure a month later. 😪

The space launched with f_OCUS, an exhibition of recent acquisitions and selected key works by female artists represented in the Moreland Art Collection.

With the doors closed we jumped at the chance to document the inaugural exhibition while trying to reopen our doors online.

With the genius and hard work of local VR Gallery Designer Josef Goding of Goding Projects 🙌, we are proud to bring you the opportunity to view f_OCUS and a digital 3D version of our new space.
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