The Full Story


A powerful communication tool, they are a series of images outputted from a 3D model. 



Animations are essentially short movies, or curated journeys through a 3d space and can be a swift and engaging way to show off a proposed area to your audience. They can be relatively quick and cheap (without any lighting or reflections) or photo-realistic versions which take longer, and cost more but are more engaging as they better represent the space. The link to the left shows a basic animation, while the one below shows a photo-realistic version. Graphics and music can be added as well. 


Quick & Cheap or Primo?

Depending on your needs basic animations (as shown above) are a cost effective (and relatively fast!) way  to present a space, while (see example image and video link to the right) premium photo-realistic images with music and intro graphics are excellent for high profile presentations to larger groups - but be warned they can take a long time to generate, please speak with us to ensure your expectations are met! (can take 1-3 days to finalise depending on the complexity of your space, music and other graphic requirements).